Our Volunteers Out Did Themselves

This year we mailed 4,000 cards signed by our volunteers. Another 4,100 signed cards were sent to jails and prisons to be passed out one to each person confined there. And we provided at least 3500 unsigned cards to people imprisoned in jails and prisons so they had something to send their loved ones. Wow. A lot of people were touched by the generosity of those who care. And we are receiving notes of thank you such as:

“I really wish to thank each of you for not only your time and energy, but for your thoughtfulness and for thinking of me, long enough, to bring a smile to my face. Most people would view your efforts as simple pastimes, but for myself, someone who has been stripped of everything he’s every know, for over a quarter century, and someone who has learned to value the tiniest of things….Your efforts were received on an very grander scale than I can find words to express. REALLY I thank you all. May God give each of you more blessings than you could ever physically count.”

“It means so much for caring people such as you all to take the time out of your busy lives to think about me during the Holiday Season.”

“I wanted to simply say thank you for the time all of you have invested in incarcerated individuals such as myself. I have been incarcerated now for 21 years and for as long as I can remember you have never failed to send me a Christmas card every single year. I do appreciate it very much as it reminds me that there are people in this world who still care.”

Photograph of the greeting cards courtesy Pixabay, licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 license.

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