We organize pen pal clubs whose members correspond one-on-one with prisoners.

Pen Pal Groups have proven to be a successful way to help people who are imprisoned have hope and feel respected and heard. We have several pen pal groups consisting of nearly 100 volunteers that engage in thoughtful communication and serve as compassionate listeners after attending our specialized volunteer training. You can organize your own Pen Pal Club or join an existing one by contacting us.

“Mail call is the hardest part of my day.”

“When you have someone writing to you regularly it really does affect a person’s whole attitude and outlook.”

“Every letter and/or card that I receive is special to me. It’s important to have a spiritual support team as well as for me to be able to write. At times, it helps me to leave this place and to get out of my circumstances by focusing on someone else.”

What Our Pen-Pals Say About Their Experience

“Personally, I have found the pen pal experience to be very humbling regarding how much my incarcerated pen pal is willing to share with me about his life experiences and incarceration, how appreciative he is of the correspondence, and very easy it is to communicate with him on wide range of topics. His monthly letters often provide me with food for thought throughout the week.”

Donate To Support This Project

Support our work and our Pen Pal Groups! By donating, you are ensuring every voice is heard and respected. Join us today! Sign up for a recurring donation of $10 a month.

Photograph of the United States Postal Service mailbox courtesy Graeme Pow, licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.