We send birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas cards to imprisoned people.

Holidays away from loved one are hard. Birthdays can come and go without acknowledgement. Imagine a Mother’s Day when a mother can’t hold her child. Or perhaps Christmas when one is struggling to find the joy and celebration.

For years now, we have been working with generous donors and volunteers to send various greeting cards to people who are imprisoned. Not only do we send them birthday and mother’s day cards, we also send blank cards they can then send to their families. Giving them some dignity when many times they feel as if they have none.

One of our most dedicated volunteers, Deborah, sends 90 to 100 cards a year herself to people who are imprisoned to celebrate their birthdays.

Each year thanks to our passionate volunteers we are able to send over 8,000 Christmas cards along with 3,500 or more unsigned ones for people who are imprisoned to send to their families. Spreading joy to them and allowing them to spread joy back to their families.

Mother’s Day we have developed a unique packet of stationary that enables women and juvenile who are imprisoned create their own special Mother’s Day wishes. Again, returning some normalcy and dignity to those that we love.

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Photograph of the cards image courtesy Wikipedia user Ardenn, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.