We record imprisoned parents reading books to their children and send the recording and book to the child.

“When a mother goes to prison, usually it is her children who suffer most … maternal imprisonment affects future generations because children’s psychological health and sense of family is severely damaged by the separation from their mothers.”

Companions Journeying Together staff and trained volunteers bring into various jails and prisons a selection of books along with audio recorders. We assist participating parents and grandparents in choosing an age-appropriate books for each one of their children. Each of the participants are then given an opportunity to record him or herself reading the books for their children, along with a personal message. On behalf of the participant, we send the selected books and recording to the child.

The Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project (“AMS”) was started by Companions in 1993 as a Christmas project for the children of women incarcerated at Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois. It has since become a year-round program and has served as a model for similar programs in over 20 states.

The Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project currently works with the following institutions:
Cook County Jail – Chicago, Illinois
DeKalb County Jail – Sycamore, Illinois
Kane County Jail – St. Charles, Illinois
Kendall County Jail – Yorkville, Illinois
Randolph County Jail – Chester, Illinois
Will County Jail – Joliet, Illinois
Centralia Correctional Center – Centralia, Illinois
Hill Correctional Center – Galesburg, Illinois
Illinois River Correctional Center – Canton, Illinois
Joliet Treatment Center – Joliet, Illinois
Kewanee Life Skills Re-Entry Center – Kewanee, Illinois
Menard Correctional Center – Chester, Illinois
Menard Correctional Center Medium Security Unit – Chester, Illinois
Sheridan Correctional Center – Sheridan, Illinois
Vandalia Correctional Center – Vandalia, Illinois
Western Illinois Correctional Center – Mt. Sterling, Illinois

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