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Our Projects

We serve hundreds of imprisoned people and their families through our innovative programs.


Aunt Mary’s Storybook

We record incarcerated parents reading books to their children and send the recording and book to the child. Learn more.

Cards Project

We send birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas cards to incarcerated people. Learn more.

Pen Pal Groups

We organize pen pal clubs whose members correspond one-on-one with incarcerated individuals. Learn more.

We’re Looking for Volunteers!

You can help make a substantive change in the lives of incarcerated people and their children.
Our Aunt Mary’s Storybook project works in 5 county jails and 8 state prisons in Illinois and sends
thousands of specially chosen books to the children of imprisoned people each year.

Fill out an application

What Incarcerated People Say

“I really am thankful and appreciative for Aunt Mary’s Storybook program for making it possible for me to be able to reach out and communicate with my loved ones. This program allows me to stay closer to my child and give them somewhat of an intimacy I can’t give them due to my incarceration. Being able to read stories to my child by way of audio from prison really made me feel like I was still fulfilling my responsibilities as a parent.”

What Families Say

“It was an amazing surprise to get home and open a random package, only to find a book, Spot Loves Bedtime, from his father who has yet to be able to hold him. Thank you so much! He’s only 6 months and needed a way to always hear his Daddy’s voice. This is an amazing Project. Y’all made my night and are helping in keeping his voice in our sons life. Thank you again!!”

Can You Help?

How can you help Companions make a difference? Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today.